BLOOM: or Gloom?

By Shannon Brien

Everyone’s Going to Die.

This morbid statement is the title of the debut feature film from directive collective ‘Jones’ and BAFTA award winning producer, Kelly Broad. They have taken the much loved rom-com genre and given it a dark, indie edge.

In case you couldn’t tell from the title.

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Everyone’s Going to Die has achieved critical success at film festivals across the world and is ready to make it theatrical debut June 26 in cinemas throughout London, following a successful crowd funding campaign. German actress Nora Tschirner and home grown Rob Knighton portray two misguided souls who form an unlikely bond in a seaside town.

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Knighton, a Shoreditch native, was a carpet fitter until his modelling potential was discovered at the mature age of 50 when he was working at a models scout’s home. Modelling was never in his life’s plan, like most young boys he wanted to play football, where he showed some promise “as scouts would come and watch me play.” But he gave up his dream of the Premier League after losing interest around the age of 15.

The international fashion model has starred alongside David Beckham as the face of Beckham’s H&M campaign this year. “As a young man, I never imagined I could be a model. Even though back in the late 70s, my brother was quite a successful model and people would ask why I didn’t try it. I just wasn’t interested at that time” he says.

HIs family have been immensely supportive of his new career, especially his mother, who attends most red carpet events and screenings with him. “She was so pleased for me when I was scouted for modelling but she never expected things to go this far with four feature films and a leading role”, adding that she is really happy he has found a passion.

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Knighton draws on his life experiences when acting, believing that the use of methods complicates the art, preferring his acting to be organic. “I love the challenge of just trying to totally believe I am in that situation and can sense any falseness on a take. It’s just an instinct thing for me.”

Everyone’s Going to Die in UK Cinemas on June 26th 2015.

 Watch the trailer here.




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