Bloom: Vintage Aesthetics

By Jo Phillips

Vintage aesthetics is very ‘in’ style this spring/summer. Floral vintage inspired décor pieces are cropping up through homes this season, adding a refreshing and revitalising ambiance to airy, warm and sun lit rooms.

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Entitled ‘The Teapot Bird Feeder’ and available at Prezzy Box, this dainty accessory combines a classic, traditional look with a mixture of home aesthetics.  Made from the finest of materials, like ceramics and metal for a hardwearing feel, it’s vintage baby blue colour contrasts against the gold detailing- making it a pleasant addition to any kitchen or garden.  The teapot with its attached cord provides visual beauty, the perfect decoration for garden trees; an innovative and refreshing idea for tea lovers. A perfect piece to add to your home, it’s sure to be the envy of all guests.

 This innovative floral inspired Stag head, is a perfect display piece for a living room. Made out of wire, paper and fabric its puts a very  different spin on a traditionalist object and then transforms in into a vintage wonder. Bold and different it’s enough to make your room stand out.

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Abigail Borg is a surface designer with a passion for patterned vintage décor. She has collaborated with Florrie + Bill creating a collection for the summer months, called The Botanical Collection.  Favouring bright and quirky flower prints Borg’s products reflect this concept, all  pieces are proudly printed and manufactured in Britain. The surface designer has created many other products such as wallpapers, cushions and furniture. Her first collection was a range of hand-drawn and digitally printed wallpapers, that were created for her graduation project at Leeds College of Art. Designer William Morris, has created vintage wallpapers inspired by floral patterns; using wood blocks and mineral based natural pigments.  Constantly producing original beautiful wallpapers over many years to create fresh interpretations, Morris has invented many innovative printing techniques.

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These modern spins on vintage ideas are a lovely transition into this years warmer seasons. This term, floral and vintage décor is an appropriate time to rearrange and transform your room into a midsummer haven.





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