Blooming French-ship

By Chloe Mercier-Legros

Collaboration can really bring the best results. So what is the basis? Is it similar interests? A sense of like-mindedness? It is said opposites attract to make the best team. How can the results of completely separate universes have truly amazing effects? Find out more at Blooming French-ship

French brands it seems lately, are showing an adventurous spirit and going for hikes, runs, and bicycle rides, all whilst wearing cleverly contrasted collaborations where fashion meets technical sportswear. The two worlds ‘run’ into one another and create unique desirable pieces.

Agnes B is a true Parisian. Elegant and subtle, the brand was born here decades ago and embodies perfectly the French classic chic.  But this spring, Agnes B is going on a bike ride in the French countryside, with an amazing collaboration with Café du Cycliste.

Image Courtesy of Agnes B

This outdoor brand provides cycling clothes and accessories, with a bold and free state of mind. This friendship bases itself upon shared commitments such as freedom, authenticity, responsible manufacturing, and sustainability.

Image Courtesy of Agnes B

The capsule wardrobe created is a result of the mix of both areas, Paris and La Côte d’Azur, represented by the timelessness and tasteful style of Agnes B reinvented through the practical, strong and fearless soul of Café du Cycliste. This collection caters to everyone, with clothes and accessories for cycling but also for everyday wear.

Image Courtesy of Agnes B

Getting the best of both worlds isn’t just a dream anymore, it is reality with sports and fashion going out into the world hand in hand. The brands Comme Des Garçon and Salomon also combined fashion and sportswear, when they launched their collaboration in the beginning of 2023. Comme des Garçons’ products are cheeky and avant-garde, used to successfully being displayed on runways, while Salomon’s are unfailing and strong, technical sportswear at its most professional level.

Together, their designed multi functional footwear. From snowy mountains tops to a club night out in your ‘glad rags’ the collection has it covered.

Image Courtesy of Dover Street Market

Even Nike has fallen for a french touch of elegance. With the famous brand Jacquemus, they have managed to challenge their contrasts and created a collection true to both their styles.

Jacquemus is subtle and nonchalant, the embodiment of idle lavender fields in Provence. Its apparent simplicity reveals an unmatched elegance, which seduced Nike, and the two household designs were created with the skills and mastery of Nike blended with the dreamy style of Jacquemus.

Image Courtesy of Jacquemus

All of these initiatives birthed reliable, solid, trend-driven and unique designs, true to either of their inspiration and easy to use in any occasion.

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