Blooming Signorina

By Audrey Annastasya

Signorina, that very Italian word signifies the freshness of feminine youth; the vibrant young woman making her own journey in the world. She chooses what she wears, the kind of makeup she uses, and the way her hair is cut, but what about her scent? How does she navigate away from the powdery floral scents that evaded her grandma’s handbag, or the aquatic, skin-like scents her mother used to give off as she would waft past? It is now her turn to find her fragrance journey, her own Blooming Signorina moment. Find out more about contemporary perfumery, here. Photograph Jasmine Gilanders

Fragrance is now young again and fashion powerhouses are sure not to miss out. The juices themselves move away from smells adored by grandmothers and mothers; gone are the powdery classic French perfumes of the 50s, 60s, and 70s that grandma was so fond of, and even gone are the skin-like watery notes that infused your mother’s vanity table. 

New designs of bottles and packaging are emerging; these bottles are eye-catching and very much designed for the vibrant, fun, loving young woman. Take, for example, the new Paco Rabanne fragrance Fame Blooming Pink. Wrapped around by a black glass bow, this bright pink bottle screams: I’m unforgettable and fun. Or the Italian brand Ferragamo whose latest scent is an ode to just that vibrancy of youth.

Fruity, fun, sweet, and intoxicating, the Italian fashion powerhouse Salvatore Ferragamo just recently released Signorina. This fragrance is a chic and sophisticated take on the playful and subtly cheeky scent signature. Signorina welcomes you with the smell of Redcurrant and a hint of spicy pink Pepper, then cuts the fruitiness with middle notes of Rose, peony and jasmine. Lastly, the dry down brings out a combination of pannacotta, musk and patchouli. Fruity sweet fun and definitely full of youthful joy.

For those who prefer to smell more tropical and woody, Rabanne’s new Fame Blooming Pink might be a good option. The perfume first greets you with a combination of mango and bergamot then draws your attention to a whiff of clean and airy jasmine with a depth of incense. The perfume then closes out with a dry down of sandalwood and vanilla.

Whichever one you do choose, remember to spray it inside your wrists, inner elbows, and behind your ear lobes. The blooming signorina will enjoy her fleeting youth, but her scent will linger even long after she is gone.

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