Bohemia: Design Week Artsthread

By Jo Phillips

Inspired by a trip through the United states , organic patterns with gold thread:  we selected a few designers who fit perfectly in our Bohemia theme. The artists are part of the Designersblock Edition 18 from 24-27th of September, during London Design Week.

Monika Krobova

“The Cut outs collection is my graduate collection from The Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design AAAD in Prague. The collection works with ways of using informative and relative functional decoration, drawing inspiration from uniforms, its badges, ranks and honours.” 


Joshua Ino

“The Cloud Envy project plays on the idea of taking these ethereal forms in the sky which we call clouds and taking their forms and turning them into physical objects.”


Kate Probert-Jones

“The concept behind Crafted Intricacy is about capturing the energy and organic flow of multi-directional pattern found in nature and traditional design from William Morris to Eastern Ceramics using a detailed and intricate style of drawing.”


Johanna Samualsson

“The work is a meeting between construction of textile and treatment of surface, between industrial jacquard weaving and printing by hand, between shibori and modern technology.”


Daniella Saraya

“The inner layers are a structure made of metal and stones which is then covered. The layers are exposed in different ways, so that a new material is created.”


Nicole Rayment

“Inspired by a journey undertaken through the heart of America, this collection reflects the different states visited and explores the juxtaposition between urban and rural as well as cultural clashes within the United States of America.”


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