Bohemia: The Fine Details

By Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

This September we are celebrating all this Bohemia. Bohemia celebrates freedom and it goes from head to toe. The Fine Details takes a look at the Fall / Autumn Winter Men’s and Women’s catwalk for beautiful Bohemia hair looks.

Natural flowing hair is no longer boring. This simple and always classic looks adds elegance and freedom to any-look. Wake-up brush just like the models on Emilio Pucci’s catwalk for a natural carefree look, or take the look to the extra level by actually curling your hair for beach waves. This trend isn’t just for the women. As seen on Alberta Ferretti catwalk, the long hair on a man does not along add the element of freedom, but an edge to all looks.

Now the details are seen in Celine’s catwalk. Taking the natural look and adding a touch of class with a simple hair clip. Instantly adding depth to your look. Now Stella McCartney takes the Bohemia look to a different edge with the fine detail of a plat. The plats are not only associated with the Bohemia look, but its also a look that can we taking into the everyday modern wardrobe.

Bohemia shouts freedom, are this expression shouldn’t stop at your hair.

Bohemia Hair - Final

1- Rick Owens
2- Topshop Unique
3- Alberta Ferretti
5- Stella McCartney
6- Emilio Pucci
7- Bottega Veneta
8- Stella McCartney
10- Bottega Veneta
11- Emilio Pucci
12- Bottega Venta
13- Emilio Pucci
14- Celine

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