Bold: Musings in Colour

By Jo Phillips

musingsKlari Reis, Musings in Tertiaries

Klari Reis a fine art painter based in San Francisco. In her creative process, Reis uses the tools and techniques of science. Driven by natural curiosity, she feels a need to explore and document the natural and unnatural, all with a sense of wonder and joy.

Working in San Francisco, near one of the largest concentrations of life science companies in the world, allows the artist to take advantage of this proximity and collaborate with local biomedical companies. Reis takes inspiration from their cutting edge biological techniques and discoveries putting her work into a context that explores the increasingly blurred line between nature and technology.

In her work, Reis pigments UV-resistant plastic with powders, oils, acrylics and industrial dyes. The shapes and colours in her installations blend, blur and shift while the process of creation itself is one in a kind, bold use of science in the service of Reis’ art.

Musings in Colour is a solo exhibition of Klari Reis hosted by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery this Summer.

Klari_Reis_Indiviual_Petri_dish_LRKlari Reis, Hypochondria – Petri (Detail)

Musings in Colour run from 24th June to 6th July in The Cynthia Corbett Gallery. For more information visit the Gallery’s Facebook or website.

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