BOLD: Perrier Goes Pop

By Jo Phillips

The renowned fizzy drink is literally popping as Perrier water pays homage to pop artist Andy Warhol.


The green bottle has been updated with a series of original Warhol screen prints that the artist created in the 80s, representative of his fascination with consumerism and the everyday object.

Perrier have created four different label designs and seven different Warhol inspirations, including his most famous quotes; ‘In the future everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes’, ‘Art is what you can get away with’, and ‘I have Social Disease. I have to go out every night’.

The limited edition Warhol-Perrier series is available now, celebrating the drink’s 150th anniversary and its rich history in collaborating with creative artistic talent.

“Warhol’s creativity and eccentricity are a great fit with Perrier’s brand personality so this was a natural way to bring the two together,” says Gauthier Gay, International Brands Group Marketing Manager.

“Perrier has a long tradition of involvement in the arts so this is a fitting tribute in celebration of our 150th anniversary.”


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