Bold: Polish art NOW

By Jo Phillips

Marek Niemirski, Fingerprints

Polish Art Now, an art exhibition that is showcased in London’s Saatchi Gallery for six days only, aims to provide an introduction to art made in Poland. Presenting a selection of contemporary and modern Polish art for the first time in the UK, Abbey House, which is founded in 2010 to provide a platform for the growing artist community in Warsaw, gives Saatchi’s visitors a chance to see paintings as well as sculpture and performance work.

Agata Kleczkowska, Untitled

Amongst the works presented there are paintings of such renowned artists like Marek Niemirski reproducing fingerprints of various artists, but also the newest additions to the Polish art market, such as creations by fresh graduates, like Agata Kleczkowska’s unique, kitschy paintings.

saatchi3Agata Kleczkowska, Untitled

With an exhibition running for six days only and closing this sunday (9th June) what is a better way to spend a weekend than learning about the art scene you have never thought existed?


Polish Art Now at Saatchi Gallery closes on 9th June. For more information visit its website.

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