Bold: Project DNA

By Jo Phillips


CW_Model_11Imagine an accessories collection that is inspired by the structure of human chromosomes and our genetic identity and individuality.  This is the inspiration behind London-based designer Catherine Wales‘  bold accessories collection Project DNA. Actually, sustainability was the original inspiration for the collection with a view to solve the problems surrounding garment size and manufacturing restriction but Project DNA evolved.



The result is conceptual and fresh, fusing high fashion, technology and science in an original way.   Wales is an expert pattern Cutter and the collection is created almost entirely with individual and interchangeable ball and socket components that allow it to be built in a number of directions.  Produced using white nylon with a 3D printer, the eight-piece collection encompasses a scaffolded corset, a blossoming feathered shoulder piece and a waist bracelet complemented by four transformative headpieces that hide key areas of the face; including a guilded horn and a mirrored mask, and a cut out visor helmet.

The collection is definitely pushing boundaries and that is something we love at .Cent.

Photography  by Christine Kreiselmaier






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