Bold: Raw Instinct of a Rolling Stone

By Jo Phillips


Undisputedly most famous for being 1/4 of the iconic rock band The Rolling Stone who are headlining both Glastonbury  and their own Hyde Park gigs this year, it’s no longer a secret that Ronnie Wood can also paint, is it? It is certainly fair to say that he has built himself something of a reputation for a craft he has been honing successfully over the last 35 years.

Wood is raising that profile further with his most recent exhibition ‘Raw Instinct‘ at Castle Fine Art Galley . It is a bold move as it is a collection of 100 pieces of never before seen original art, bold because in his own words “In a secret sort of way, I like the people that I draw to see the way I’ve depicted them. Unlike music, It’s a solo effort. There is no-one else to blame.” Considering he has a list of high profile customers that include Bill Clinton and Andrew Lloyd Weber it is unlikely he will have to apportion blame!

The collection is varied and large oil paintings of his bandmates sit alongside landscapes and even animals. The collection is available for purchase and for more information visit Castle Fine Art Gallery.

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