Bold: Repair is Beautiful

By Jo Phillips

WGSN 1.2

‘Repair is beautiful’ finds beauty in imperfection, and functionality in the broken and damaged. MA Industrial Design Graduate Paulo Goldstein is looking to solve the intangible problem of frustration. The frustration of broken objects, their uselessness, and ability to represent the bigger problems in our broken, corrupt world. With the action of fixing, we feel we can repair our part of the world, little by little, bolt by screw.


Paulo Goldstein is not solving any world problems, and in his process he is discovering the difficulty in solving anything in our absurd environment. Materials break and snap on the way, causing Goldstein to discover new materials, and ultimately having to repair the repair.


The result; objects that have been on a journey, mundane objects that become sculptures and art works in their own right. Through ‘unintended consequence’ the broken objects take new shapes and forms. Goldstein shows us how beautiful repair really is.

For more pictures and art – go to Paulo Goldstein’s official website.

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