Bold: Sweet Summer Solstice

By Pascal Ebner

Screen shot 2013-04-20 at 20.58.10
Street Art by Sweet Toof & Rowdy

The British street artists Sweet Toof and Rowdy are going to showcase their skills in Bristol from 21 June till 21 July 2013. Both artists are known for their work throughout the UK – their graffiti artworks can be seen in several contemporary galleries. Their sociological experiment is described as ‘laughing into the face of death’, which is exemplified in the featured picture.

The event will take place in the newly created venue “The Looking Glass“, which served as Bristol’s first coaching house in the past. Since its closure in 1999 the Looking Glass has been relaunched and will be the main venue for Sweet Toof and Rowdy’s event.

Metro Graffiti

Besides the renowned street art, visitors can expect various other works and films concerned with the topic of graffiti and street art in general. The event will be held from 21 June till 21 July 2013 in Bristol at the Looking Glass.

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