Bold: The CYMBALS Return

By Pascal Ebner

cymbals-Nina Walbecq WEB

“Dancing with your eyes closed”, that is how singer Jack Cleverly from the Cymbals describes their new single “The End”. The seven-minute track is one of the new songs from the London-based band’s newest album, which is set to be released later this year. Despite the slow and alluring beats, the song is an invitation to join the dance floor.

Over the last three years, the Cymbals were able to raise their reputation exponentially with the ’90s Parisian Disco feeling that can be sensed in most of their tracks – especially in the new addition “The End”, which is less surprising with Jack Cleverlys french origins. Those whose interest got aroused should check out the other two art pop songs “Like An Animal” and “The Natural World”.

The Cymbals can be seen on 13 June at the Sebright Arms in London.

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