Bold: The Indifference of Wisdom

By Jo Phillips

Still_Iron E 2
Paul Wiersbinski, Iron-E, 2008, video still.

The Indifference of Wisdom curated by Project Curate and Julian A. Jimarez Howard questions our social norms by looking at the subject of transgression so present in our everyday lives. Touching the areas of gender and authority roles the exhibition features works of Clem Chen, Ernest Concepcion, Caroline Falby, Annette Rusin, Sarah Wang, Paul Wiersbinski and Matthew Silver.

Bravely discussing why in the contemporary society only ‘normal’ is good, works showcased in NURTUREart Non-Profit gallery provoke  and encourage their viewers to be in peace with oneself rather than follow only sociably acceptable patterns.

The Indifference of Wisdom is hosted by NURTUREart Non-Profit gallery, New York from 14th June to 12th July. For more information about NURTUREart’s Education Program visit its website.

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