Bold: The Stepkids present “Troubadour”

By Pascal Ebner

The Stepkids 2013 photo
The Stepkids

After the release of their self-titled debut album, The Stepkids are ready for their next music piece: “Troubadour” will be released on 9 September. The album does not only provide the listener with funky tunes but also tells the story of a fictional character we can all relate to.

The Stepkids love to mix and mingle different genres and create harmonic sounds for almost every music taste. We took a better look at their song “Lottery”, a track that makes it really difficult to put it into a certain genre. A mix of soul, a bit of jazz and a sprinkle of pop. Guitarist Jeff Gitelman describes the lead single as a gamble of various themes: love, business and the risk of following your heart. The song may very well be part of an early Bond film, a cheery tune with this certain sophistication.

The trio toured with big names before they finally decided to form their own band in 2009. The goal was to have no restrictions in terms of genres – anything goes. Just recently the band also showcased jazzy covers of Justin Timberlake, Daft Punk & Co.

Have a listen of their new lead single “Lottery” and check out the accompanying music video:

For more sounds and infos by The Stepkids check out their official website, SoundCloud page and Facebook.
The new album “Troubadour” is set to be released on 9 September.

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