Bold: The Vanity of Small Differences by Grayson Perry

By Pascal Ebner

GP358_The Adoration of the Cage Fighters_2012 FULL
The Adoration of the Cage Fighters

Tapestry and cross-dressing artist Grayson Perry is going to begin his national and international exhibitions tour “The Vanity of Small Differences”, starting in Sunderland. This will be the first edition of his complete series of six tapestries, which, so far, has only been exhibited at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London. The collection “The Vanity of Small Differences” focuses on the topic of ‘class mobility’ and how social class influences the aesthetic taste in general. Perry himself calls his exhibition “a safari amongst the taste tribes of Britain”.

“I am hugely pleased and proud that The Vanity of Small Differences will be shared by the Arts Council Collection and the British Council Collections because this means the work will be able to travel all around the country and the world.

Grayson Perry

Due to the fact that two of Grayson Perry’s tapestries are visually set in Sunderland, the British Council – as well as the Arts Council Collection – decided to mark Sunderland as the starting point of Perry’s upcoming exhibition. In place of audio guides visitors have the opportunity to download the newly launched app (for iPhone & iPad) for extra commentary, additional information of each piece and an exclusive zoom option.

GP359_The Agony in the Car Park_2012 FULL
The Agony in the Car Park

The exhibition will start on 28 June in Sunderland and will be available till 29 September.
The app is available at the iTunes store for £1.99 called “Grayson Perry: The Vanity of Small Differences”. Find more information on the exhibition at the Arts Council Collection Website.

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