BOLD: When Fashion Met Art

By Jo Phillips

Taste Candy Candy

The inextricable link between art and fashion comes to fruition in Clara Hallencrautz’s exciting and edible photography. Combining her love for small scale installations and studio photography, Swedish born and bred Clara has created one of a kind, energetic and vibrant works in an ode to the powerhouse Chanel.

Smell Chanel – Colour

Smell Chanel – Snow 

Each of Clara’s works features the transcendence of an everyday object, from flowers to ice cream cones, turning them into contemporary and playful pop art pieces that blur the lines between commercial photography, branding and art. Each piece tickles our senses, the tactility and colour ignites the child within us.

Taste Chanel Pearls

To add some ‘pop’ into your life, head down to the Opera Gallery at 134 New Bond Sreet, where  Clara’s exclusive plexi-mounted artworks come signed as one-of-a-kind works or as limited edition sets. Prints are approximately £4,000.

Taste Chanel Icecreams

See more of Clara’s work here.



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