Bold: Hate Mail

By Jo Phillips


Imagine you collect your mail in the morning and nestled in amongst all the bills (which we un-affectionately call hate mail in our household), you receive a vintage postcard, that on closer inspection tells you “if you were a supermarket you would be Lidl” accompanied by an illustration of said supermarket. Normally this kind of insult would be derogatory and unappreciated but this type of hate mail is indeed sought after. It is just one example in an array of one-off illustrations that comes from a body of work entitled ‘Hate mail‘.


If you are lucky enough to have one of these, you know you are in possession of a very unique piece of artistic abuse from the very talented illustrator Mr Bingo. He is a long standing .Cent contributor  and  his extensive roll call includes The Guardian, Channel 4 and The Mighty Boosh to name a few.

Describing the hatemail project in his own words Bingo says;

“I love post and I’m worried that people don’t get enough ‘fun’ post these days.
especially postcards.
So I had an idea. It’s very simple.
You send me forty quid (plus postage) and I’ll send you a vintage postcard with a 
drawing and an offensive message on it. (that’s why it’s called ‘Hate mail’).
So you get an original signed drawing, the postman get’s a laugh and the world
get’s a little bit happier.”

The bold messages that wing their way on a postcard are random,  you can make a request but it will be completely ignored thus allowing for a comedic surprise when it lands.  Your name and address is on your postcard (how else would it get to you?) adding another personal touch to your newly owned unamiable work of art.

Mr Bingo has amassed over 550 works for this project and will be exhibiting exclusively unseen and new work so it really is worth the trip.  If that alone wasn’t enough to get you there,  he has promised that the first  60 people through the door on the opening night will have the unique opportunity to purchase their very own piece of hate mail.


The show runs from 6th to 29th at KK Outletand you can also keep upto date with Mr Bingo and his exploits here.

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