Bold: Watch out for the Polso Orologio Shirt

By Jo Phillips


Two things that we love at .Cent magazine are beautiful timepieces and technical craftsmanship. Angelo Galasso ticks both these boxes and makes a bold statement to boot with the iconic Polso Orologio Shirt.

It was first designed and created in 1990 when Galasso was inspired by Gianni Agnelli, the former Fiat President who because of an allergy was forced to wear his watch over the shirt cuff. Recognition of a higher accolade came in 2004 when the shirt was famously exhibited in The Design Museum.

The shirt itself has 85 different stages in its manufacturing process and is entirely handmade using traditional Italian methods of fabric selection, sewing technique and assembly procedure. The entire shirt is sewn using another traditional French seam method and as an aficionado would be well aware that serves to create a neater appearance, due to the raw edges being fully enclosed.

Now, most importantly the genius of this shirt is that it allows the wearer to make a centrepiece of their chosen watch, be it a Rado Hyperchrome Automatic Chronograph XXL or a Mr Jones The Last Laugh. Tell us what timepiece a Polso Orologio reveal for you? Tweet us @centmagazine


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