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By Jo Phillips

Does a book and a bed equate to a special time for you? Is the idea of reading in bed a form of luxury? MGallery, the boutique hotel group, has announced a collaboration with the Rebel Book Club. Should you be a book and bed fan or just want an inspiring and multi-sensory in-room guest experience, then ‘Bedroom Book Club’  may just be your thing.  MGALLERY X Rebel Book Club to launch this new initiative. Read about it here.

The online book reading club, Rebel Book Club features some of the most inspiring names in modern literature and now in collaboration with M Gallery hotels have birthed ‘Bedroom Book Club’ an opportunity to become immersed in contemporary non-fiction inspired by the historical story of the hotel you’re staying in.

The chosen book is accompanied by a bespoke cocktail, designed to reflect the read. Each cocktail order will arrive with a new and complimentary paper-back version of the book to keep.  There is also a specially recorded podcast from the author of the book to contextualise the subject. 

Never has a book a bed and a hotel room sounded so appealing. As each MGallery Hotel has its own distinct story, with many known for hosting historic figures and iconic poets and authors it makes sense to tie each hotel to a specific story.

Because many guests spend more time in their rooms alone, this collaboration will provide a unique opportunity for them to delve into the inspirational must-read, critically acclaimed books. 

The boutique hotel collection in the UK includes Castle Hotel, Windsor; Francis Hotel, Bath; and Queens Hotel, Cheltenham, all three locations are rich in culture, heritage, and storytelling. The three leading authors and their must-read titles, have been selected to each reflect a unique aspect of the respective hotel’s personality. 

The latest event is to be held at the Francis Hotel, Bath with the theme being Entrepreneurship and the book and Author Be More Pirate by Sam Coniff-Allende.

In ‘Be More Pirate’, Conniff-Allende unveils the innovative strategies of Golden Age pirates, drawing parallels between the tactics and teachings of legends like Henry Morgan and Blackbeard with modern rebels, like Elon Musk, Malala and Banksy, which could easily be associated with Emily Francis too. 

And as for who this ties on to the hotel well its a story of one wise brave woman.

After Emily Francis was widowed by Bath legend and local builder, Soloman Francis, she took it upon herself to transform the property left to her. It is with this in mind that Francis Hotel’s theme is ‘Entrepreneurship’. Emily Francis demonstrated this quality by buying up the adjacent properties to the boarding house her husband left her. She then expanded the business into the Francis Private Hotel, which preceded today’s iteration. Emily Francis is celebrated for being a leading entrepreneurial lady of her time. 

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