Books of BOHEMIA

By Jo Phillips

If our fashion week and Design week coverage isn’t quite your cup of tea, here are some new book releases for you to escape into.

Music is key to the world of Bohemia and the new release of Led Zeppelin: The ultimate collection fits in perfectly to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Bohemian trend. The collection contains a “luxury illustrated book featuring 30 pieces of rare removable memorabilia, a DVD containing archive interviews and never-before-published film footage, and five ready-to-mount photographic art prints.”

“The heaviest band of all time” – Rolling Stone

Led Zeppelin encapsulate the bohemian character of the 70s and were huge record breakers, album-sellers and the most talked about band of the 70s. Written by highly respected music journalist Chris Welch, the collection is now available from Carlton Books.



Along the same wavelength of Bohemia music, another great read is “Noise Uprising; The audio politics of a world musical revolution” by Michael Denning. In the bohemian rebellion and innovation, this books details the cultural shift and progression as music changed after the early 1930s.

Noise Uprising_300dpi_CMYK

“An instant classic. It utterly revises the history and geography of modern music.” – Vijay Prashad

“A monumental rewriting of the global history of recorded music. Every future attempt to analyse the sounds and politics of the international music industry will need to reckon with this powerful book.” – Josh Kun, University of Southern California

Find Noise Uprising fromĀ Verso Books.

The release of the limited edition slipcase Complete Works of Primo Levi is now available. With such an interesting past, Primo Levi has secured himself as one of the most influential writers of the 20th century. Edited by Ann Goldstein, an editor at The New Yorker and an introduction written by Toni Morrison, the acclaimed author of Beloved. Levi’s entire body of work, newly translated on three beautifully slip-cased hardback editions can be bought from Penguin.

“These fourteen books in three volumes will bear testament not only to a brave holocaust survivor but to a universally relevant twentieth-century author.”

Primo Levi - 3d packshot


The gorgeous hardback collection with sleeve can be purchased from Penguin Classics.


Lastly, another music collection from another highly influential band. The U2 Experience is now available including “an authoritative illustrated book documenting U2’s incredible career, as well as 20 items of removable rock memorabilia, including giant posters, backstage passes, classic flyers and photographic prints.”

IMG_2916 IMG_2917 (1)

“U2’s truth is stranger than fiction: four teenagers still learning to play their instruments, three of whom welded to a Christian prayer group that disapproves of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle”

“U2 Experience is the ultimate interactive celebration of the act hailed as the greatest rock band in the world.”

The U2 Experience by Brian Boyd can be available from Carlton Books in hardback.






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