Boost Your Creative Output

By Jo Phillips

Whether it’s through sustainable painting or experimental beauty products, the world has become a creatively diverse environment with people from all walks of life finding ways in which they can express themselves, their feelings and their emotions.

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Music is a creative escape for some people, whereas art is the perfect solution for others. Likewise, some people turn to photography, while others might fire up a gaming device and explore creative masterpieces like the casino creations available by visiting this website. Alternately, creativity can be expressed through gardening, interior design, or even on the sports field. The options in which we can express ourselves are endless, but the ways in which we can unlock that creativity aren’t, especially in a world full of electronic distractions and mentally damaging news stories.

With that in mind, here are some helpful ways in which you can become more creative and boost your creative output.

Draw, paint and doodle

Some of the most influential and innovative members of society throughout history were keen doodlers, with the likes of Steve Jobs and Pablo Picasso immediately springing to mind. Doodling not only feeds a creative process, but it also provides relaxation and entertainment, which can then aid the progression of creativity as it encourages creative thought. Simply take a piece of paper, put on your favourite music, and draw whatever comes to mind.

Get physical

Exercise is a proven way of helping your mental state, but especially when it comes to creativity. Going to the gym or out with the dog for a walk can increase the blood flow to the brain and therefore generate sharper mental clarity and a clearer way of thinking. Some aerobic exercises have been linked with stimulating new ideas and helping to grow our imagination also, which is why taking a break for some exercise is a helpful tool for many creatives out there.

Daydream and embrace boredom

When we daydream, our mind is essentially let off its shackles and able to go wherever it pleases. Daydreaming can occur when we’re bored, which is why when boredom sets in embrace it. Allow it to propel you into a deeper way of thinking and expand your creative mind. A bored mind can search for stimulation, therefore leading to daydreaming and the possibility of generating new ideas. Instead of letting boredom send you into a negative state, embrace it and use it as your fuel.

Read fiction

Perhaps an odd choice to some, but reading fiction can make us question concepts, truths, and values, and enable us to look at the world in a different light and use our brain in different ways. Fictional material can also stimulate our imagination which, in turn, can unlock a more creative mind.

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Generate more ideas than you actually need

Coming up with too many ideas is more useful than coming up with too little. In fact, creative thinkers tend to fire an array of ideas out there in the hope of nailing down the one idea they like. Even if some of the ideas sound ridiculous or simply unachievable, jot them down and let your mind take you on a journey. As Thomas Edison once said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.”

Remember to switch off

As much as it is worth putting as much effort and focus into unlocking your creativity, trying to force it out can have a detrimental effect. If you’re fully immersed in it and perhaps becoming overwhelmed by everything, be sure to stop the rut and switch off from it all. Visit a friend or bake a cake, then come back to it later.

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