Borderless Art

By Zelie Vandermeiren

Like many during lockdown, you might have done art and creative things to keep you busy. This is what Noah, a young boy did, and now an exhibition and a book is being released. Learn all about Noah’s artwork during lockdown and how he connected artists from all around the world with Borderless Art.

It all started because of lockdown. Like many other children, Noah couldn’t attend school. Therefore his parents had to find a way to keep him busy, which is how Noah started painting on cardboard.

Seeing how Noah was using vibrant colours and creating bold, confident abstract shapes, Noah’s step-dad, Nathan, decided to share it on social media. He then invited other artists to use Noah’s artwork as a background for theirs. Instantly, the family got more than 80 respond from 8 countries. And it’s how Background Bob & his amazing friends were created.

Noah receiving Background Bob & his amazing friends artwork’s

Ever since, more than 240 pieces have been made with Noah’s artwork in the background, from all around the globe. Artists such as My dog sighs, Anna Schellberg, the London Police, Pure Evil and Ange Bell, have also made a contribution.

The artworks were supposed to be exhibited in the children’s ward at Colchester General Hospital, where Noah has received care. But seeing how big the project was getting, Noah and Nathan contacted Firstsite to exhibited the artworks there. Firstsite’s director, Sally Shaw, said that it

was the ideal place to show these collaborative paintings and tell this inspirational story

Firstsite is a public contemporary art gallery in Colchester, which will feature all of them in a new exhibition this autumn. Their priorities are to make and show great art and culture that celebrates the people and places. To empower all communities to be happier and healthier together.

The exhibition started on the 24th of October and goes until the 31st of January 2021. You can already buy Background Bob & his amazing friends, a book where all of the artworks are featured. The exhibition will feature wildlife, superheroes, lego characters, and even tribute to the NHS. And when it closes, the artworks will be auctioned off in January. The money raised will go to Colchester and Ipswich Hospital Charity.

While the crisis sometimes looks like it pulled people apart, this project shows that during this crisis people got together. And that even in dark times, beautiful things can be created.

Learn more about the exhibition on Firstiste website and see more of Noah’s artwork on his Instagram here.

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