Born to Paint

By Yasmin Ayture

Are you an artist after experiences, time and memories paint the pictures for themselves, or when the hands of time are replaced by the hands of your own? Breathing pure expression, boundless and truly human. Born to paint, Arabella Stell from Oxford is a 5 years old artist, with her first solo show being exhibited at The Brick Lane Gallery from the 7-11th July. Read more in Born to Paint.

Since the age of 2, Arabella Stell has been drawing and painting. There is an inability to prevent the painter from painting, the thinker from thinking or the speaker from speaking, for this is the persistence and defiance of what is meant to be. Justice is loyalty to the self. Arabella Stell has been selected for the Royal Academy of Arts Young Artists Summer Show, being already widely recognised for her captivating imaginative and figurative style of painting. 

To have stepped into the greater world, travelled many towns, and turned many streets, or to draw inspiration from the proximate? Arabella’s first series was created during the first pandemic lockdown, with her second series deriving from her love of history, namely the Christian Bible and Greek mythology. There are no limits to the depth of the young mind that has access to these materials and exposure to knowledge, for this is freedom. 

News broadcasts entering the close by, the richness of stories and exploration of the mind that belongs to humanity: the political realm is entered when born. Arabella Stell’s third series is a reaction to the Israel and Palestine conflict, with Arabella’s mother writing that her artwork is symbolic of the shared resilience of humanity in times of adversity. Is wisdom a pursuit, or there from the beginning? 

 See Arabella Stell’s ‘Sunlight is my Power’ exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery Here and if you enjoyed reading Born to Paint, why not read Plant-based Art.

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