Bourgeoisie; Can Do Good

By Jo Phillips

We are constantly told by advertising that we should treat ourselves. Whether this be a bar of chocolate as a reward after a hard days work or a nice scented ‘something’ to build our confidence as we go out into the world. Initially built by advertising companies to entice women into believing they deserved chocolate because they worked hard and should have a treat, this style of selling is now rampant across both sexes whatever they are being sold.

Now, in theory, there is nothing wrong with that. Part of a successful and happy life is definitely giving yourself a bit of love. This is not always about buying ‘stuff’ but there is absolutely nothing wrong with treats if they make us feel a little lighter, a little brighter or a little more able to face a stressful day. But, best of all, is when we can treat ourselves (or our loved ones) and at the same time truly give back. Then it is simply a win-win all around.

More and more brands are letting us know of their ‘green’ credentials which can only be a good thing, transparency gives all us consumers the information to make informed choices. Unfortunately, we fear, some are very much using this as marketing ploy because as you dig a bit deeper their ‘good’ intentions do not go very far at all.

But don’t despair there is more than a good handful of brands we can buy our treats from that go further than just the bare necessities. The Soap Co is one fantastic example. This is a brand we have followed at .Cent since they first started their collections because right from day one their intentions were truly honourable.

Firstly they have UK made products that are vegan, use only natural botanicals, nourishing vitamins and pure essentials oils. The products are paraben and cruelty-free. But that’s only part of their own story.

The ingredients, bottles, and labels wherever possible are sourced from UK suppliers. As the company says, they were ‘inspired by Dame Ellen Macarthur’s Foundation (EMF) and their work to create the Circular Economy 100. Their philosophy, to design with more thought is at the very core of The Soap Co

For example, on the website, you can see the following information clear as day. A bottle that is made from some old milk bottles and with a 45% lower environmental impact than regular PET bottles. A film that looks and acts like plastic but is made from renewable wood pulp.  Stickers that are compostable and glue that is non-toxic and biodegradable.

But Soap Co are a genuinely giving brand. Not only are they vegan, paraben and cruelty-free, giving back to our planet no end, but this wonderful brand goes one step further; a huge step compared to so many other companies.

All the products are handcrafted in the UK by people who are blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged. This happens in their east London factory and also in the Lake District workshop. This means real working opportunities for a community that is so often neglected. It means that things like workers with guide dogs can get to work and also keep their beautiful animals in a safe environment whilst they work. It means easier access for those in wheelchairs as this is built into the infrastructure of the business.

And the products? As we still want our treats to be divine, however much they help others, they need to entice us too. That they will!

The original items are hand washes and hand lotions which contain hydrating pro-vitamin B5, soothing Aloe Vera extracts and healing tea tree oil alongside rich cocoa butter, and are available in three essences:- White tea, Citrus and Black Poppy with Wild Fig.

Then there are the exfoliating soap pebbles in Bergamot & Min. These genius Soap Pebbles are cocooned in wool from local Herdwick sheep for natural and gentle exfoliation and are enriched with Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil.

Or you could try the Eco and Bee Friendly Collection, which contains within the collection three scents:- Geranium & Rhubarb, Wild Nettle & Sage and Mulberry & Amber. This range comes in hand and body moisturisers and hand and body cleansers.

Wild Nettle and Sage

Created with natural bee friendly botanicals, vegan and eco-certified ingredients, these Eco and Bee friendly products have been specially designed to be kind to skin as well as the environment. Every bottle sold helps 10 – 20 bees.

There is a bath and body oil collection as well, with fragrances including Rose, Renew, Uplift, Detox and Unwind.

Lastly, new to the range is a specialist Plastic Free and 100% Natural collection. This range includes eco cold-pressed bars of soap that have been certified Plastic Free, 100% natural and plastic-free mineral soaks and an exfoliating coffee scrub. The collection will also introduce an aluminium bottle, which is recyclable and ready to buy before Christmas as a limited edition Black Oud & Jasmine hand wash. 

So now when people talk of ethical luxury, which is so often just ‘talk’, you know that Soap Co is both luxury, delicious and kind all at the same time. By buying their products you are loving someone else and the planet, as well as yourself.

Soap Cọ, the charity also has a sister brand BECỌ, which creates over 10,000 days of employment every year for their staff – 80% of which are visually impaired, disabled or disadvantaged. If all households in the UK used BECỌ in their bathrooms, they would create nearly 45,000 new jobs for people with disabilities. Every BECỌ product bears the names of three different team members involved in its creation – from product development through to customer service.

Stockists include Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges and The Tate. Alternatively, to find a suitable stockist for where you live visit their website, where you can find out about their Christmas offering and more information on their products:

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