In The Bag

By Jo Phillips

When we think of luxury leather, especially bags, we think Milan, Paris or maybe even Spain, but what does not particularly come to mind is Edinburgh.

Think again, the bag company that has been adopted by such names as Lady Gaga and The Duchess of Sussex, seem to be a step ahead of us.

Meet Strathberry, the Scottish based leather bag company. All of the products are actually handcrafted in Spain which is renowned for its artisan craftsmanship. One bag can take up to 20 hours to handcraft and you can see a film of the laborious process on their website. Elements like the bag closures are also added by hand. The bar closure is actually a very recognisable signature of the brand.

Something the company feels very strongly about is letting their customers know that the products they buy are always handcrafted by people with leatherwork skills passed down through generations.

So outside of craft, what else do we need to know? Colour may well be the first port of call. Colour is a big factor in this brand, from solid variations of lustful tones to two-tone or three-tone colour blocking. The brand uses both soft tones and bold tones to give definition to every shape they use.

And what shapes are on offer? Well, everything from tiny totes to round crossbody to evening to bucket and top handle bags; a plethora of shapes to choose from. Many of the styles have a selection of size options to boot.

There are also special designs, such as, vegan options and bags made with specialist techniques like woven leather, hand-painting and foiling.

On top of bags, there are also a wide variety of other products available from cardholders to wallets to cashmere wraps, ponchos and scarves (they are Scottish after all).

The brand has recently opened a store in Mount Street, a fashionable part of London. This is the second store opened in London and they also have national and international stockists, as well as a great online portal.

Finally, one last bit of information which can serve you well is concerned with pricing. Prices differ hugely compared to many of the brand’s competitors, starting at around £250 and going up to around £550. This puts them in a very strong position as a brand that sells beautiful handcrafted goods, utilising artisans and yet without a price-tag that makes your eyes water.

125 Mount St, Mayfair, London, W1K 3NS

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