NOT A PERFUME by Juliette Has a Gun

By Nazokat Tokhirova

Romano Ricci remembers his childhood playing in his grandfather’s fragrance factory, Parfums Nina Ricci in Paris.  His love for the perfumes started with spending time with his beloved, learning different notes and fragrances.  The gardenia would remind him of home, sensual and masculine Signoricci would remind him of his grandfather and slowly his interest for the smells started to develop.   

His obsession to create scents led him to start his own brand, Juliette Has a Gun, in 2006. The inspiration for the name of the brand came from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, a famous tragedy. But Romeo’s modern Juliette is a romantic lady armed with seduction, of course, with perfume.  


In 2010, Juliette Has a Gun released NOT A PERFUME, a fragrance created on the basis of a minimalist approach. The perfume solely contains Cetalox, synthetic form of ambergris, a waxy, flammable substance that is produced in the digestive tract of sperm whales. Once expelled from the whale, it floats to the top of the water. It takes long time for it to end up on the shore before collected by the perfumers. As ambergris ages, it creates sweet, woody odour. As an artificial version of ambergris, Cetalox lasts longer and in combination with Ethanol, it adds femininity. The final result is a pure, minimalistic, elegant scent suitable for allergens. When we usually think of a perfume, we think about the combination of multiple ingredients, some of which we can’t even recognize. Because Ricci’s simple, signature fragrance contains none of these, the perfume is called NOT A PERFUME.

NOT A PERFUME was such a success that Ricci has expanded the NOT A LINE, beginning with NOT A PERFUME Superdose, a stronger version of the original scent. The clean, fresh and elegant fragrance leaves stronger trail and surely will please NOT A PERFUME lovers. In addition to the Superdose perfume, the iconic scent is now available in a line of cosmetics, NOT A COLLECTION. The collection includes a shower gel, a hand cream, and a unique water-based hair and body spray. Just like the original fragrance, NOT A COLLECTION contains no sulfates, SLS and SLES, no parabens, no phthalates, no mineral oils, no artificial colours, and no solar filters.

Juliette Has A Gun _In the mood for Oud Luxury Collection Candle by Jason Yates
Photographer for .Cent Magazine.

In addition to the superdose perfume and NOT A COLLECTION, the brand does offer variety of amazing perfumes, candles, accessories and travel sprays which can be found on Juliette has a gun official website


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