NYC Kinda Scented

By Nazokat Tokhirova

“I wrote the stories on our packaging myself, drawing on my personal experiences living in New York,” says co-creator of KIERIN NYC and a former model, Mona de Biran. Reflecting urban lifestyle of real New York, KIERIN NYC stories invites people to be inspired, not defined or confined by fragrance. Mona draws New York illuminated stories in fragrance on her personal experience living in the city.

Mathieu Nardin known for combining traditional techniques and materials with new innovations achieved to translate each of these stories into a distinctive and unique scent. And the result is a collection of bold, gender-all, premium eau de parfumes that are Nitro Noir, 10am Flirt, Santal Sky and Sunday Brunch.

Nitro Noir-Impossible to resist

Nitro Noir is a sensual and decadent scent. Stepping out of a yellow cab onto Lafayette Street, one is fashionably late for his rendezvous with a pink berry martini. Making his way through the crowd, his sweet and spicy tones, like pheromones, leave onlookers in his wake.  The city night is his. He cannot help but get noticed in a crowd. Intoxicating and Hypnotic Vibe is made for much more than going out.  Key ingredients are Italian Bergamot, Pink Berries, Orris, Patchouli.

KIERIN NYC Nitro Noir Fragrance by Jason Yates.
Photographer for .Cent Magazine.

10am Flirt-Magnetic attraction

10am is a complex, yet clean and unique scent . Floral and woody harmony extends before you with possibilities seeming limitless. Gazing over the immense cityscape of New York, you feel fresh breeze. In an instant, your eyes lock with someone else’s. Electrified by this connection and with this mysterious person you cannot help but smile. Key ingredients of this perfume, Gardenia, Fig, Cashmere Wood, Sandalwood, reserves it’s most lasting and memorable notes for those you allow to get close.

Santal Sky

You are a million miles from city life under a canopy of trees where leaves release their woody fragrance. Diverse languages, rhythm of runners’ footsteps, impromptu drum circles-all sounds like a poem.  Sun smiling down on you and your loved one, dazzles the eyes. This small part of nature soothes your soul and as you breathe, the nature seems to be breathing with you.  Woody, intimate and serene fragrance bound with earthy vibrancy, it invigorates the soul and embodies a calm heart in the midst of the fast beat of the city. The perfume is premium quality with 20% fragrance concentration and made with key ingredients of Saffron, sandalwood.

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch is a unique blend of scents, this fragrance is citrusy, cheerful and luminous. Cheerful and Luminous vibe reminds of a New Yorkers Sunday Brunch, rite of passage, an experience, a time to have fun and catch up. Sunny Sunday, doing the ritual by joining the city family (friends) and make memories over sparkling mimosa  at a trendy street café on West Broadway.

The perfume is premium quality with 15% fragrance concentration and is made with  Italian Bergamot, Lemon and Earl Grey and Jasmine.

Fragrances available from Harvey Nichols and KIERIN NYC official website

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