By Jo Phillips

We spoke to Braun about Series 9, the new aerodynamic shaver. Braun brings us versatile, inspiring products that will enhance our daily lives, from facial exfoliators to watches, shavers and radios.

Question 1

The new Series 9 took 5 years to develop… why did it take so long and what is the biggest step you took and brought forward to the world of shaving?

Key reason why Series 9 took so long for us to develop was that on the basis of our understanding of male physiology and problem hairs, we had to rethink and reinvent the middle trimmer concept. The two new middle trimmers we designed to tackle the most common problem hairs then has to be integrated with sonic technology into the shaver head. It took several alterations and tests in the lab with a series of men to identity the best technical design.

Also the new parts are required a completely new manufacturing process that we established and which allows us to create parts with utmost precision- actually to about the size to a human cell.

It was well worth it: With Braun’s Series 9 we created the worlds most efficient and comfortable shave- proven by the use of external testing vs other competitive premium shavers of 3 day beards.

Question 2

Why does the design look so aerodynamic? You mentioned it is like looking at a shape and outline of a body, how does that help to make work better?

The handle of the Series 9 is designed to fit best into a man’s hands and how he holds a shaver during shaving. The design is wider at the top which offers the hand more space as well as being slimmer in the palm area. This shape prevents the hand from sliding upwards and allows a comfortable grip while you rotate the shaver during shaving.

The overall body is characterised by a- as we call it- ‘fluid geometry’, created by a connecting basic geometrical shapes with smooth transitions. The interface elements like switches and displays are always based on lozenges or circles. They communicate precision and technology of the product. The interface elements play together with ergonomic body and gives the overall design the character of order and balance.

Question 3

The best design is almost so good you don’t notice it, can you give us 3 to 5 of your favourite pieces of design, either you have worked on or ones by favourite industrial designers have done and a line as to why you love them?

There are many designs I love. Looking at Braun, these are some of my favourite. ET 33, Design: Dieter Rams/ Dietrich Lubs/ Ludwig Littmann, 1977. This calculator convinces through its radical simplicity without being cold and technical. It is reduced to the minimum to what an average user needs. the different functions are easy to fin and the colour codes give a clear and meaningful hierarchy to the different functions.


Braun Face: Braun Design team, 2014. Braun Face is a facial epilator with a cleansing brush. It’s slender body and elegant metal cap turns a functional device into a beauty object. It nicely shoes how functional design can meet beauty requirements without being kitschy.


Braun BN0095 Analog Watch, Design; Braun Desgin Team and Studio Hannes Wettstein 2013.

The chronograph convinces through its purity. If you want a chronograph, less design is not possible. The watch’s face is super easy to read. The housing and bracelet is made out of solid stainless steel, which gives a durable, high end impression to the watch.

Braun Micron plus universal, Design: Roland Ullmann,1982. The Micron brings us form following function, to live at its top without being puristic and cold. For the first time the shaver comes with a silicon dot pattern, which gives a fascinating in hand experience during usage and which turned out to be the icon for all Braun shavers.

Braun RT20, Design Dieter Rams, 1961. This radio from Dieter is an icon of how you can reduce things to a minimum with losing its poetry.


– Dr Miriam Reitzler, Global Scientific Communications P&G & Appliances- German Innovation Centre.





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