Brazen: Aesop’s Futurist Fascination

By Jo Phillips

Images supplied by Aesop

Futurist: (adj) rejecting tradition and loathing anything of old, whilst fully embracing technology, youth, speed and violence.

Aesop: (brand) on a quest to create superlative products for the skin, hair and body.

Fascination: (noun) the power to fascinate someone; the quality of being fascinating.


Aesop’s fascination with the arts has led to this year’s focus on the avant-garde “Italian Futurism” movement launched by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti back in 1909 and a collection of some rather striking and collectible, gift tins.

The movement and its members expressed a passionate loathing of everything old, especially political and artistic tradition. “We want no part of it, the past”, wrote Marinetti, “we the young, and strong Futurists!” Celebrating speed, technology, youth and violence, the manifestos which came as a result of this period rebelled against harmony and good taste, instead featuring original paintings, architecture, religion, sculpture, design, all aimed at modernising (“futurising”) Italian culture and bringing forth an evolution of art.


The sleek design of these seasonal tins nods towards the future, whilst at the same time pays homage to the groundbreaking inventors and rebels of the movement with a selection of bold titles and design that showcase art, language and typography reminiscent of Marinetti’s vision for the Futurist and a particular reference to Marinetti’s Zang Tumb Tumb work.

To start your own (more modest) futurist collection, view the entire range at


Images supplied by Aesop

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