Brazen: Cat Got Your Tongue?

By Jo Phillips

This October, why not start your Halloween a little bit earlier and take part in a rather unusual and definitely brazen D.I.Y. session in The Book Club?

Keep Away From Idiots (1) (2) Keep Away From Idiots by Charlie Tuesday Gates

D.I.Y. Taxidermy LIVE by Charlie Tuesday Gates is an interactive and tongue in cheek demonstration giving full insight into the art of taxidermy. During her performance, Gates, credited as the one of the top 5 UK taxidermists, will not only try to show her viewers that the controversial process is easy to conduct at home, using no more than contents of an average kitchen cupboard but also spark the debate on boundaries of taste, ethics and the concept of controversy itself.

CharlieGates 1 (2)

If D.I.Y. Taxidermy workshop sounds like something you may be interested in but you worry about the ethical side of it, Charlie Tuesday Gates ensures that all the animals were found dead, donated, pet food, roadkill or refuse from a food industry.

foxFox by Charlie Tuesday Gates

D.I.Y Taxidermy: Cat Got Your Tongue? will take place at The Book Club, 100-106 Leonard Street, London Ec2A 4RH on 30th October from 8pm till 11pm. Tickets: £10. For more information visit The Book Club’s website. Click here for tickets.

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