Brazen: Floats like a Butterfly, Doesn’t Sting like A Bee

By Jo Phillips

Beetox moisturiser
Bees. I have always liked Bees – happy to bumble along and they work hard whilst producing lovely honey for us to eat. Yes they also sting, but only if absolutely necessary, because otherwise they die. They know this, and we know this. Not like wasps, which aim and sting with precision again and again.

So it was with interest when this ‘Beetox’ moisturiser landed on the beauty desk to try out. Because, the main ingredient is essentially manuka honey and some “high quality” bee venom.*

The purified bee venom element in the moisturiser helps to renew damaged skin and increase collagen production, whilst the feeling of all day hydration is apparently thanks to the UMF honey element. (Unique Manuka Factor Honey). The source of this particular honey which the bees feed on, is the nectar of the New Zealand Tea Tree (also known as the Manuka Flower) which goes back round to it being additionally healing and health enhancing.

Trying out a small amount to my wind chapped skin, I instantly found the cream to be super moisturising and literally felt like it had had a really good drink. Over the last 3 weeks I have applied daily and received a number of compliments from “your skin is glowing” to “you’re looking really well” and a bonus mark for the overall radiance I have noticed thereby reducing the need for foundation. This little beauty is set to replace the remains of of my skincare shelf. If you want to add Beetox to your shelves check out the rest of the range here.

*note; although all Beetox products are made using natural and organic ingredients, a small patch test is recommended.

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