Brazen Halloween: Spirits of the Dead

By Pascal Ebner

Spirits of the Dead - Horisont - B&W - Photo by Mathilde Johnsen
Spirits of the Dead

With Halloween on the doorstep we want to introduce you to the fine sound of the Spirits of the Dead, who are the perfect addition to your Halloween party playlist. The four-piece band recorded their brand new album “Rumours of a Presence” (set to be released on 9 December) in the vast and dark fields of Norway, isolated from civilization – couldn’t be more fitting for spooky nights, right?

The music of Spirits of the Dead though is not as cold as it might seem – with their psychedelic tunes and the nostalgic feeling that can be found within their lyrics – almost like a flickering light in the sprawling darkness. The band is able to deliver this certain uniqueness within their genre, which is quite difficult to find these days.


Spirits of the Dead present a surprisingly eclectic range of songs on the new album “Rumours of a Presence”, with mysterious songs, such as “Dance of the Dead” – perfect to create some tension tonight – and of course the usual Rock’n’Roll we love to hear with tracks such as “Red Death”. But even if you’re not a fan of loud beats and growling tunes – you’ll be able to find “Seaweed”, a lovely acoustic track that takes you away from all the energy for a bit.

Check out three new tracks from their album “Rumours of a Presence”:

Enjoying their tunes? Head over to their official website, Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud to get even more sounds and infos on the band. Their brand new album “Rumours of a Presence” will be released on the 9 December via The End Records.

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