Brazen: Is Banksy Better Out Than In

By Jo Phillips

Banksy - My NY accent
Banksy – My NY accent

As the month of October comes to an end, and thus with it, the end of Banksy’s “Better out than in” project, what will we do with our time?  For almost thirty-one days now, the elusive street artist has been disrupting New York with an eye and mind-opening Art Exhibition complete with his trademark political statement making art, as well as an inspired “pop-up stall” manned by an unassuming elderly market trader at Manhattan’s Central Park (which made three savvy New Yorkers owners of genuine “Banksy’s”), all designed – we imagine -to get America talking, thinking, breathing, and living art in a non-traditional sense.

Banksy- Pop-up stall in Central Park
Banksy- Pop-up stall in Central Park

The latest, an anonymous interactive “guestbook” appeared in Brookyln along with a bucket of chalks for fellow art enthusiasts to get involved and add their own stamp. To which the Brooklynites – of all ages – did.

Other thought provoking pieces during his NYC residency appear to highlight – in Banksy’s controversial style: Modern Warfare, the Syria Conflict, Animal Cruelty, the heavy human labour price paid for keeping Global Firms “shiny” and the Occupy Movement, to name a few.

Banksy - Sirens of the Lambs
Banksy – Sirens of the Lambs

It would appear Banksy’s brazen vision is not for some, for reports have surfaced that no sooner have his works appeared, than they are getting defaced by non-enthusiasts. Whatever your personal view on Banksy and his art, his aim of getting people emotionally involved in art appears to be a success.

Banksy - NYC Skyline
Banksy – NYC Skyline

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