Brazen: Supermarket Sequins

By Jo Phillips


With inspiration taken from popping down to the local shop on a Sunday, this sparkly collection is definitely all about being ‘brazen’. Ashish brought a whole new meaning to the supermarket ‘bag for Life’ when models marched down the catwalk carrying what looked like M&S and Tesco carrier bags. These bags were actually emblazoned with S&M and DISCO and, as is the trademark of this designer, they were of course completely dripping in sequins.

Last season we saw models in sequin covered builders vests and this season the  progression was towards a high street transformation and a questionable love affair with consumerism and pop culture.

Coca Cola sponsored the show and their logo was emblazoned on vests, tops and jumpers in sequins naturally. Jeans were flared, frayed and ripped. There were also polo shirts and striped polo dresses and the eastern influence was present with Arabic script emblazoned across tunics and t-shirts.

Ashish is niche , but it is so much fun whilst still being clever and without question there is a huge amount of craftsmanship involved in making these embellished pieces.

My favourite looks were the two-tone animal print suit and the black low cut maxi with diagonal white stripes, both extremely elegant pieces.  It is bag love too. Which ones? Well all of them of course!

All images courtesy of Laura Shehata



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