Brazen: The Bolder Sister

By Jo Phillips


All images by Christopher Dadey

We have too much love for this collection.  Sister by Sibling just get better and better and their SS14 show showed yet more evidence of their continuing evolution. Denim was new to the collection and knits were looking both grown up and fun.

The opening notes of The Shangri La’s Sophisticated Boom Boom (which was also the name of the collection)  signalled the start of the show and smiling models  bounced down the runway  looking both beautiful and refreshing. British quirkiness was substituted for 50s/60s Stepford wife style Americana and twin suits and oversized leopard prints were worn alongside pencil skirts and under trapeze coats.

The colour palatte was vast,  from pastel pinks and lilacs inspired by Tupperware to bright red on frayed fishnet skirts  and neon rimmed animal prints. This collection also had it’s fair share of embellishment and apparently weeks were devoted solely to the making of small Swarovski encrusted  flowers that were designed by Laura Lees, the length of time seems unsurprising considering over 2000 flowers were sewn onto this collection.

Shorts were short and the girls were happy, not only wearing a huge smile on their face their jumpers were emblazoned too with ‘Happy’ and I wonder if it would even be possible to be anything but in Sister by Siblings clothes.






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