Bright Beauty Trends

By Sally Blodgett

Brighter and sunnier days mean that spring is on the horizon, and with it so are the new beauty trends that are cropping up and lending themselves to a more trimmed back, fresh-faced makeup style with a focus on skincare, sustainability, a pop of colour, and desirable textures. Image By Ellie Darby-Pragnell

People are appreciating the art of self-care and skincare more and more, so the idea of skincare being the new makeup has become one of the latest beauty trends.  Not only have the cleansers, serums, and moisturizers used in our skincare routines become popular, but we have also seen people trading out their high coverage foundations for lighter foundations and tinted moisturizers.  In addition to the products themselves, people want to buy new technologies for their skin, like LEDs and EMS eye masks.

As we become more caring and more aware of our individual impact on the environment, a beauty product’s sustainability has become one of its most important selling points – and something that people are willing to research before they purchase.  Brands are adapting to this in different ways, for example, many have started offering refills of their product for purchase.

Adding a bright pop of colour to our faces can brighten up our day and add to the feel-good theme of these new beauty trends.  Using a colour instead of a black eyeliner, or a bit of pink blended onto the middle of the cheek achieves this effortlessly.  Different shades of reds, pinks, and corals are rising in popularity as part of this trend of looking good to feel good.

The last trend that has popped up is centred around textures.  People are searching for their beauty products by ingredients, rather than brands, and are drawn towards things described with words like “silk” and “velvety”.  We can feel these luxurious, sought-after textures with the quick use of a cream or serum.

The latest trends in beauty highlight the perfectly imperfect parts of ourselves that we let shine through by taking care of our skin, researching the products we are buying, letting little pops of color enhance our natural glow, and purchasing products with luxurious textures that make us also feel luxurious.

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