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By Alejandra Morganti Pascual

There are four countries in the world that rule fashion. They are certainly not the only places with fashion scenes but they are the core city capitals, of course, `London Paris Milan and New York. Here is a little celebration of what we can only guess they may well smell of. Ok maybe that’s a little crude but each of the cites and each of the countries has been encapsulated within the scent. A marker of the high esteem they hold. If this piques your interest the whole story including the perfumes inspired by cities and countries is in our fashion special and you can read it here.

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Trvdon – Cyrnos
Bask in the aromatic citrus garden like a 20th-century artist. This is the smell that Cyrnos imitates with its luxurious smells of cashmere wood, musk and, patchouli mixing with a fig and pine melody. Its elegant scent will glide through your home creating the sense of life in a Mediterranean seaside villa.

Lumira – Sicilian Citrus
This smooth yet punchy fragrance is that zing in your day. Perfect for an early morning or weekday afternoon. The Citrus fragrance is exactly the uplifting and fresh smell you need on those days where everything seems that little bit harder. The Neroli Petals, Citrus and Jasmine play in a Floral Musk to create this unique candle.

Trvdon – Positano
Inspired by the small village of Positano, perched above the Amalfi coast this scent is a delicate floral melody. Mirroring the white flowers that bloom in this beautiful village, among the candles notes, are Gardenia, Jasmine, Magnolia and Lily.

Diptyque Paris – Londres
Part of the city inspired candles by Diptyque is a candle named after the city of opportunity, London. This scent transports you into a casual stroll in the heart of the Columbia Road flower market. A unique melody of notes with Heliotrope, Lilac, Juniper and Hyacinth with a touch of Spice to give the scent a gentle warmth.

Atelier Cologne – Rose London
The Rose, the national flower of England, is usually associated with love and romance. This candle doesn’t stray far from it’s given name as it’s a sweet scent that truly speaks to your heart. Perfect for a night in with your partner, this candles notes include Rose Asbsolue from Turkey, Ginger from China and Guaiac Wood from Paraguay. It’s hard not to feel like you’ve been plunged into a Rose garden with this candle.

Acqua Di Parma – Blu Mediterraneo Candles Collection
Not all of us are fortunate enough to live along the beautiful coast of Italy. However, Acqua Di Parma has brought out a collection of candles that could trick you into believing you’re somewhere on a beach taking in the sea air. The uplifting scent of any of these candles will bring a freshness to any room you choose to spark it.

Arancia di Capri – Sicilian Oranges a bright smell to relax your senses.
Fico di Amalfi – Fig to keep you connected to nature and revitalise.
Mirto di Panarea – A blend of White Petals and Deep Wood encourages regeneration, taking you back to your roots.

Laboratory Perfumes – Samphire
This candle is part of an exquisite range of scents created by the talented perfumers at Laboratory Perfumes. Inspired by the Great British countryside the harmonious scent of fresh Juniper Berries, Citrus Oil and Vetiver are mixed with Basil, Rosemary and Lavender. The techniques used are meant to evoke the sense of evening strolls through the gorgeous naturalistic beaches and woodlands that Great Britain has to offer.

Mckinley and Paget (Four below)

No.12 Highgrove Court – A warm, woody and spiced scent this candle boasts of a relaxing night in wrapped up in a woolly blanket in front of an open fire surrounded by nature. Its notes are Sandalwood, Nutmeg and Vetiver.

Blenheim Gardens – A floral scent inspired by the British botanical gardens, walking aimlessly amidst an array of colours and smells. Mckinley and Paget reminisce on memories of walking around Blenheim Gardens to relax and clear their head from the raucous of the grey city. The notes in this scent are Rose Geranium, Lavender and Pink Pepper.

Oliver’s Bar – Named after a famous bar in London (Oliver’s Jazz Bar), this candle takes you back to nights out at a familiar bar when everyone’s starting to pack up. Patchouli is a dark Woody scent that feels like home. Accompanied by Petitgrain and Rosewood to give it that luxurious touch.

Jake’s Kitchen – There are fewer things more enjoyable in this world than cooking among friends and eating your own creations. This candle has been created mainly for a practical purpose; to remove any bad odours after a fun-filled day in the kitchen. Black Pepper essential oil is a wonderful antiseptic that cuts through unwanted smells, and hand in hand with Grapefruit, Rosemary and Oregano, you’re kitchen will always smell fresh and ready for another night of cooking with loved ones.


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Jean Paul Gaultier – Scandal A Paris
A Chypre Floral scent for women, this uniquely designed bottle lives up to its name, scandalous! It’s far from your traditional feminine scent, stamping on cliches with its golden high heels. The top note is Pear, blending into the middle note of Jasmine. The base note, Honey.

Yves Saint Laurent – Mon Paris
YSL is capturing the spirit of an intense love affair full of passion and euphoria, aptly inspired by the city of intense love, Paris. A reinvention of a more traditional scent with the introduction of White Chypre conveying a brave and bold aura of modern love. Its top notes are Citruses and Peach.

COACH – New York Floral Blush
An airy and colourful scent with the iconic COACH touch of leather. It evokes the feeling of being carefree in a New York City summer. Its top note is Goji Berry, the middle, Peony and the base, White Woods. Perfect for a free-spirited holiday.

Burberry – Her Eau de Parfum
The first gourmand fragrance with a British infliction made by Burberry. It’s made to capture the spirit of a London woman, representing the eclectic metropolis filled with life and creativity. Francis Kurkdijan describes it as a ‘signature scent’. This fragrance is a burst of berry flavour with an underlining Woody accord.

Bvlgari – Omnia Pink Sapphire
This scent is for the anti-conformists of society, strutting in heels to the beat of their own drum. Bulgari is giving us the fragrance to accompany the feeling of being alive and seizing the opportunity. It has a Grapefruit Zest, Pink Pepper, Vanilla and White Musk.

Byredo – Sundazed Hair Perfume
Byredo describes this hair perfume as ‘a psychosomatic journey free of love’. It celebrates all the sun worshippers out there chasing every ray. The sunny top notes of Mandarin and Lemon are pillared by the staple smells of Arabian Jasmine and Neroli. A fresh, endless summer awaits its owner.

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