BULK: Comfort

By Leah Sinclair

Minimalism is en vogue right now. From fashion and design, architecture to furniture, the simplistic aesthetic of minimalism has ruled creatives as of late. However, we hawk back to the days of bulk designs- bold and offensive, loud and proud, standing out amongst the herd. And what’s better than big, bulky, bold furniture? Beds and sofas, ornaments and cushions, laid out decoratively across a room, bringing character to the homes we’d love to live in.

At .Cent, we are celebrating this form of design in furniture, and exploring the design aesthetic which is all things bulky! Designs which you can sink into, wrap your arms around its soft or fluffy texture, and embrace the warmth and comfort which envelops you from these select pieces of furniture.


Alexander Wang’s recent foray into furniture design combines the best of his minimalist aesthetic, with a comfortable beanbag chair, which we could just curl up in and sink in to. It represents the best of both words, style and comfort, the past and the present, all while retailing at $8,800.


Bold colour, innovative design, and comfort blend into one with the Halo Chair, designed by Danish brand Skrivo. The design of the chair includes a backrest which slots into the bulbous seat, creating a sofa which deepens the seat and adds a wedge to the backrest.


When a chair is referred to as a marshmallow chair, immediate words which come to mind are soft, comfy, bouncy and generally all things pleasant. That’s exactly war Studio Kamkam have created with their twist yarn skein chair, mimicking the look and feel of a marshmallow.


Appropriately name the Swell sofa, this creation by Jonas Wagell is a padded sofa, with curved padded seats and bulky armrests.

While minimalist style continues to reign on, bulky furniture will always present itself in a way which can not be ignored

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