BULK: Natalie McCool

By Yasmin Sholgami

Natalie McCool, one of the most respected singer-songwriters to emerge in the scene recently has shared the release her brand new song ‘Pins’. Her haunting and pure-as-ice vocals have captured us before and has captured us again with this latest release.


McCool boasts the very finest musical background having graduated from the Liverpool Institute for performing arts (LIPA) in which she received top honors. Her career has so far seen her perform at Hyde Park to an audience of 12,000 people as well as have a 4 track live EP from the legendary London Abbey Roads studios. With heavy influences from a large variety of artists such as Johnny Marr, The Stone Roses and Jeff Buckley it’s not hard to see how ┬áNatalie McCool it not only a very unique artist but is also has an extra something that makes her a cut above the rest of the artists that are currently around.

After a busy autumn which saw McCool share a stage with the likes of Boy George and Bernard Butler, Natalie ventured back into the studio with David Berger (from the band Outfit) and emerged with her new EP that has taken her music one step further.

PINS is the first track to be taken off her EP which she will be performing on April 16th at the Islington, London.





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