BULK: Out of the Ordinary

By Leah Sinclair

Joho Architecture_Namehae Cheo-ma House_(c)Sun Namgoong

 Namehae Cheo-ma House, Joho Architecture @Sun Namgoong 

Celebrating the work of young Korean architects is the Cass Bank Gallery, and their major exhibition ‘Out of the Ordinary.’

The exhibition focuses on bringing attention to nine specific architects, and exploring the changing landscape of Korea’s built environment, while looking at how young practices are adapting to new challenges and changes with alternative and innovative solutions.

Curated by Hyungmin Pai, the exhibit comprises of photographs, architectural models, and full scale details, alongside commissioned artwork from artists like Kyungsub Shin and Thierry Sauvage.

Out of the Ordinary will run from 6th February- 28th February 2015 at the Cass Bank Gallery

Eastern interpretations of art and architecture seem to be infiltrating Britain in the best possible way, sharing our talents, designs and creativity for us all to marvel at. This can be seen from the London Korean Film Festival which took place in November, The Festival for Creativity which will take place in Shanghai this March, showing the best in British business and creativity, to the Royal Institute for British Architects new Shanghai windows project.

Fountain and CTHM

RIBA’s Shanghai Windows pairs RIBA Chartered Architects with local and international retailers to create original architectural installations around the prosperous Xintiandi shopping and entertainment district in central Shanghai.

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