Burn Baby Burn.

By Nolwenn Cailly Travers

Fire, passion, anger, revolution, and excessesar words we so associate with the Punk Movement that stood to change the world. Now it seems some of its very core spiritsares making a comeback? The fire, it seems, is still burning to keep the punk spirit alive. Wake Up Punk, is a documentary highlighting how punk has evolved through time. Since the beginning, this revolutionary movement has a “young mindset”. This film demonstrates that the values coming from the Punk revolution have always been alive and always will be. Find out more in Burn Baby Burn

As we can hear in the documentary : “The older generations have made a mess”

Nowadays the ‘punk movement’ finds itself rising among the younger generations with questions of things like climate change, which seems to require a little punk attitude. Punks are, of course, passionate, raging, and full of doubts and fears together feeding the need for change. These people are part of a generation burning for change.

Of course, the symbolic act of burning is not new today, it’s been used for years as a way for artists to deliver a message.

For Joe Corre (the son of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood)  punk had become a commodity and by evolving into that it no longer stood for its true essence. most definitely thinks so. In 2016 as a protest he burnt millions of pounds worth of punk-era memorabilia.

This new documentary by Nigel Askew recalls the energy and anarchy of the punk era and gives a voice to Corre’s fear.

Yet happily it also finds hope that the punk spirit survives through those who support protest movements, for climate change, hunger and other important social issues.

This intimate film Wake Up Punk, we get to follow the values of a family through Vivienne Westwood and her two sons, alongside the memory of their father and husband, Malcolm McLaren.

Back in 1994, the artist duo K Foundation Burn a Million Quid as a piece of performance. Of course, it raised questions, why would they do that? What are the values and the power of money? Is this a good way to deliver a message or is there something better they could have done with the money?

Whether we burn money, clothes, or instruments, it is not insignificant and can be seen as a way to highlight our consciences.

The very music is the core of punk is also still alive and pumping, so adding a little flame to this piece, listen to the new song “hitman” from the young band Little Destroyer. The trio deals with the subject of sexual harassment in this song which highlights the anger toward this “phenomenon” via the power of the instruments’ rhythm.

Go watch the documentary Wake Up Punk is released on 9th May 2022

Listen to the new song “hitman” from the young band Little Destroyer.

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