Burt’s Lips

By Jo Phillips

Her lips tasted Honey Lemon on one day, another they tasted more Cucumber Mint, or Watermelon if the days were sunny but on weekends she would shake it up with Coconut and Pear, after all, she could taste her own lips but so could someone else get to share the joy. Yes, Burt’s Bees lip balms, the original and best distinctively earth-friendly, was the only choice for her when it came to lip care. Find out more in Burts lips Here.

She had over 12 different scents to choose from she knew whatever her mood she would always be covered, her lips nurtured by Burt’s Bees® Lip Balms. Made with hydrating coconut oil and beeswax and with no phthalates, parabens, petrolatum or SLS and no animal testing, meant she cared for her mouth and the planet.

However she found herself recently with a bit of a dilemma, more flavours were added to the line, but how to make room?

Well for a start, this newest one was a limited edition balm. It sounded delicious, Mint Cocoa. Yum, inspired by a steaming cup of hot chocolate one of her favourite pastimes in the winter months. She knew she had to find a place in week daily ‘lip schedule’ to fit this new scent in.

She did stop for a moment and think, how could everyone not love these flavoured little healing sticks of lip joy? But she knew for those that weren’t fans there was also a new iconic lip balm without fragrance.

A Burt’s Bees® Unscented Lip Balm infused with powerful fruit extracts, nourishing shea butter and responsibly sourced beeswax. With a matte finish and rich moisturising balm texture, it also is a tint-free tube of soothing lip balm.

She loved the favours but she also knew this little ritual of her putting lip balm on every morning before leaving the house nourished her dry lips while keeping them revitalised and hydrated.

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