Camp Away

By Jo Phillips

What Will You Need for Your First Campervan Holiday? The camping holiday feels a uniquely British endeavour, being a popular way to enjoy a weekend or summer holiday for generations. Even today, with the relatively cheaper costs of international travel and a wide range of destinations available to just about everyone, the domestic camping holiday is one of the most popular ways to holiday – and in 2021, bookings for some domestic campervan locations were up 500%. If you’re thinking of taking a campervan holiday of the first time, the following tips can help you prepare properly, and make the most of a wonderful way of seeing the UK. Images

The Right Campervan

First off, you will need to define exactly what your needs are when it comes to your choice of campervan. How many people will be joining you on your trip? If you need to accommodate more people, you will need a campervan with more than one sleeping space, while for a solo or duo trip you can easily make do with a single-sleeper van. Some higher-spec vans will also come with built-in cooking and leisure spaces, but if you’re wanting to keep costs down you could instead use camping equipment for the same purpose.

An Awning

Whichever campervan you deign to take with you, you’ll want to maximise the amount of space available to you for cooking and socialising. Incorporating an awning into your campervan set-up can increase that space, giving you cover from the elements and allowing you to expand your campsite from the confines of your van. Some campervans may have an awning built-in, but a third-party structure can provide more safety, and may even have an additional wall to create a comprehensive windbreak.

Tools and Equipment

Taking emergency equipment with you for a camping holiday of any description is a given, but there are additional concerns that you must prepare for when a campervan forms an integral part of your holiday plan. Being a vehicle, it may require maintenance during travel or at the site – and you may be relying on its batteries to power or charge devices while there. As such, your emergency packing should include relevant maintenance tools for looking after and repairing the campervan: a car jack, for access to changing tyres; socket wrenches and a breaker bar for lug nuts; a screwdriver set for accessing electronics.

The Right Location

Researching your location, or locations, well is key to a successful campervan holiday. There is a thriving camping scene in the UK, with thousands of campsites that can accommodate campervans up and down the country in a wide variety of arresting locations. Ahead of setting off, make sure the campsite you’re aiming for has the amenities you’re expecting, whether access to electricity or a communal shower unit. It would also be beneficial to research the surrounding area before you set off, both in terms of potential spots to visit and convenient places to fuel up or buy food.

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