Captured in a Bottle

By Adlin Pinto

There’s something about the wild cat the panther that seems to exude the very essence of luxury. Perhaps it’s the way they move, or that these wild creatures are such a symbol of power, elegance, and above all prowess. The French jewellery brand Cartier has celebrated the panther’s shape and glamour into intricate pieces, including jewels, accessories and fragrance. A brooch, a pendant, a ring, a watch face over the last hundred years, the Cartier panther has become one of the most recognizable symbols in the history of fine jewellery. Read more about Captured in a Bottle here. Photo Harry Stonehill.

The Cartier Panthère is an iconic jewellery motif with its roots in Parisian style. The history of the Cartier Panthère began with one woman Jeanne Toussaint. When Toussaint, a Parisian fashion icon, became acquainted with French jeweller Louis Cartier, a new inspiration for Cartier’s famous jewellery line was born.

As a result of Toussaint’s elegance and remarkable determination as well as her finely decorated apartment adorned with leopard skins, she earned the nickname “La Panthère” from her then-lover, Louis Cartier. What started as a nickname became the basis of one of Cartier’s most stunning developments in jewellery pieces, the Cartier Panthère wristwatch.

To get an idea of just how integrated this relationship was a Timeline of the Cartier Panthère highlights its journey.

1914: Cartier crafts the first panther pattern on a wristwatch and presents it to the public. The watch was adorned with white diamonds, spotted with striking onyx stones.

19221935: The spotted panther motif starts appearing on various Cartier watches, jewellery designs, and accessories, such as cigarette cases.

1948: The Duchess of Windsor tasks Jeanne Toussaint with creating a panther brooch and the first three-dimensional representation of the panther is born. 

1949-1950: American heiress, Barbara Hutton and French socialite, Daisy Fellowes, among other fashionable aristocrats, begin investing in their own versions of the panther.

1983: Cartier launches the Panthère de Cartier line of quartz watches. Although a ladies’ watch, the fine yellow gold link bracelet perfectly matched the 80s “glam” aesthetic, and the watch quickly saw an upsurge in popularity.

2005: Introduction of the Panthère de Cartier ring with its fangs bared. It is the first appearance of the Cartier panther in a stylized, faceted design.

2012: Panthère de Cartier necklace in white gold, with pavé diamonds and emerald eyes. The modern jewel can be worn in two styles, as a choker or an opera-length necklace, according to the position of the panther head on the link

2017: Panthère de Cartier High Jewellery necklace in platinum, aquamarines, emeralds, onyx, and diamonds. In this opulent masterpiece, the iconic feline seems to be emerging from a waterfall, and its stretched silhouette creates the illusion of movement.

Renowned as predominantly a luxury jeweller and watchmaker, Cartier masters more than one art, clearly exemplified by the line of fragrances.

Created in 2014, La Panthère fragrance dared to revisit the legendary chypre with an innovative feline-floral accord born out of pure, mesmerising gardenia and sensual notes of musk. The fragrance, designed by Mathilde Laurent, is a new addition to La Panthère olfactory repertoire, intensifying the feline, floral accord of the original Eau de Parfum. At the heart of the bottle, a faceted sculpture represents the fascinating and majestic panther.

The top of the scent opens with a Floral accord made up of white flowers Find in its heart the magnificent Ethereal Gardenia flower. Bringing it all together in the base is sensuous musk making for a subtle yet extremely powerful and essence that gives a fragrance lingering depth and warmth.

La Panthere Parfum is a captivating scent that reveals a free-spirited and passionate woman.

Find out more about the brand here Cartier.

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