Re-Vamp; ‘Carthusia Lady’ & ‘Gelsomini di Capri’

By Edena Klimenti

The history of scent is different in locations all over the world; some of the most luxurious and mesmerising perfumes originate from some of the most humble and simple lifestyles. From burning incense in the middle east to beautiful flowers creating infatuating smells on the island of Capri. The aromas are always different; each scent leaving you with a different feeling, persona or memory. Carthusian perfumes come from a long line of authentic perfumeries in Capri, using striking natural ingredients. The Carthusian fragrances are produced through extensive research into ingredients derived from Capri’s environment.


‘Carthusia’, a beautiful perfumery with an even more beautiful heritage. These gorgeous scents come from the historical Carthusia perfumeries on the exquisite island of Capri. The name comes from the ancient tales of Capri, where the arrival of the striking Queen Joan of Anjou was an extravagant and stunning event. The father prior of the Carthusian monastery of St. James set out to pick the most exotic and spellbinding flowers on the island of Capri. These exquisite flowers were left in water for three days. Although before the prior made an attempt to throw them away, he had noticed the most unusual yet incredibly infatuating fragrance produced by the distilled flowers. After bringing his discoveries to the father alchemist, the fragrance was traced back to a wild carnation, ‘Garofilium Silvestre Caprese.’ Later in 1948, the prior obtained permission from the pope to hand over the old perfume formulas to a chemist from Torino, who set up a tiny laboratory, which was known as the ‘Carthusia.’

These tales illustrate the authentic heritage of the Carthusia perfumes and the process in which the perfumes are made is still the same; using the authentic ingredients produced on the island of Capri, local, high-quality ingredients are used just like the traditions of the Carthusian monks. The finished perfume bottles are each wrapped by hand, as they are just as aesthetically pleasing. The symbol used on the bottles is called the symbol of the firm, created by the painter Mario Laboccetta, portraying a ‘flower siren’ attempting to bring to mind Capri’s mythological landscapes. The symbol embodies the key characteristics of Carthusia and its authentic heritage through the combination of nature and beauty.




Carthusia is launching two new fragrances, ‘Carthusia Lady’ and ‘Gelsomini Di Capri.’ The collection aims to capture the beauty of the local Caprisian landscape, using their local ingredients.The idea of these fragrances is to leave you feeling overpowered with the authentic smells of Capri, a true art form touching our senses and emotion.

‘Carthusia Lady’ is a captivating floral scent, packed with 80 different blossoms that are bursting from the bottle. A scent that lifts the spirits and truly captures the variation of captivating, mesmerising scents on the island of Capri.  The ingredients are vibrant and delicate as they attempt to capture the beautiful flowers which dominate the beautiful island of Capri; jasmine rose, lily of the valley, cyclamen, gardenia, lilac, ylang-ylang, and bergamot amongst many more. A ‘summer feeling’ in Capri is trapped in ‘Carthusia Lady’ just waiting to be released as an exotic festivity.



‘Gelsomini di Capri’ is packed with striking ingredients, creating the breath-taking scent that captures the authenticity of the stunning landscapes of Capri. Jasmine blossom, a zesty fizz of lemons and tangerine warmed with ginger and pepper; a floral yet spicy collection, leaving you with its memorable scent that creates a vision of a Capri on any occasion. The entire history of the collection is illustrated by their use of incredible ingredients which capture your senses and emotions, whilst remaining true to the heritage of the Carthusian tradition.

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