Celebrate British

By Mingye Zhu

Britain is known for its creative talent; it is a powerful hub of new ideas and designs. The rest of the world looks to its shores for inspiration across all the creative sectors. What’s the latest Best of Britain? Find out here, where we celebrate British brilliant ideas with Walpole‘s 2021 Brands of Tomorrow.

Marfa Stance


If you are looking for lifelong wear, Marfa Stance could be a fashion brand for you. Embracing sustainability in the brand philosophy, the garment by Marfa Stance can be personalised thanks to its unique buildable design. Most of the products from Marfa are labelled ‘reversible’ which indicates that they can be easily transformed into different types of clothing to fit the current season and climate. Most of Marfa’s products share the character of unisex, which leads the brand further towards minimalist and modernity.

The Deck

For those businesswomen, a tailored suit can provide the sophisticated silhouette you need at work. The Deck is committed to personalized craftsmanship while focusing on ‘for women by women’. Founded by Daisy Knatchbul in 2019, The Deck became a brand with fresh blood, however, values the customisable tailor culture. The store offers meticulous service to its customers in order to adhere to satisfying the needs of the customers. The Deck is the choice if you are sick of the industrial garment and would like to have your own distinct suit.


‘Jewellery is like the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there. ‘Accessories can be such a great way to finalise an outfit or highlight an emotion with what you wear. They are the must-have when you start to plan your outfit. Walpole gives a clue to get chic necklaces, rings etc. Motley is a brand emphasis on designer quality and some special collections are even made from sterling silver and 18k gold vermeil while the price is accessible to customers as the first exception in the jewellery industry ever. Fair price for both design and quality, Motley is the brand you should go for.

Eight Lands

Eight Lands from the Speyside region of Scotland produces spirits using 100% organic ingredients, which caters to more crowds because of its gluten-free and vegan ingredients. If you are looking for light sweet spirits in the soft breezing night, Eight Lands may be your company.

Rothschild & Bickers

Studio based in Hertford, UK, Rothschild & Bickers is indeed a handblown glass studio that follows its merit. Grasping picturesque details while adopting veteran craftsmanship skills, Rothschild & Bickers produces exquisite glass liked by future generations. This brand offers personalized glass as well to fit every space.

My Wardrobe HQ

Sustainability is now a broadly used word in the fashion industry. My Wardrobe HQ; a company highly concerned with sustainability, created the first rental marketplace for luxury womenswear in UK. ‘Buy less buy better’ is the philosophy behind My Wardrobe HQ. My Wardrobe HQ’s official website offers the opportunity for the luxury garment to its best advantage through rental and resale. The market My Wardrobe HQ created for the fashion industry is quite infusive, which allows for high quality style that doesn’t damage the environment.


Bramley, soap, handwash, bathroom, candle, diffuser

Changing fragrance is a right of passage to the new season. To wave the winter off, we could greet the warm climate with a blend of florals. Walpole introduces the bath & body brand Bramley to us to evoke your spring soul. Bramley uses its product to bring a natural balance to life. 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable package build an environment-friendly image of the brand.

Walpole’s 2021 Brands of Tomorrow also include other brands from across the British. If you are interested in other brands, you can click the name of each below to get information: Equi, Eto, Hancock, Harper, Sarah Haran.

It is inspiring to see these creatives pushing the boundaries in each of their fields to bring us luxury, environmentally friendly, or chemical-free products in innovative ways.

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