Cent at Bar Chocolat – Experience Chocolate Anew

By Pascal Ebner


.Cent was invited to Bar Chocolat and Baileys‘ special event at Covent Garden last week to try the brand new Baileys Chocolat Luxe in a multi-sensory tasting journey. Before entering the glamorous lounge, where the new Baileys drink was served at the end of the event, .Cent was taken through a truly artistic interpretation of chocolate and its delightful taste. Who would have thought that you can indulge in chocolate in more than one way.

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The art installation was created by Artisan chocolatier Amelia Rope & stylist Petra Storrs and enabled the visitor to enter a world with Rococo influences, palatial elements and the visualized  luxury of chocolate. The traditional Irish-influenced dinner did not only excel with taste but also the way it was served: Each ingredient was carefully placed on the guest’s table (no plates needed) and turned into an individual piece of art for each person.


Baileys Chocolat Luxe was – of course – the highlight of the event: Served with 24 carat gold foil, which was applied to each guest’s lips to intensify the true taste of the combination of Baileys and Belgian chocolate, the new drink was the perfect finish per se. Those of you, who want to try this special product themselves can find more information down below and will be able to purchase Baileys Chocolat Luxe  at Harvey Nichols before the general release in October 2013.

By mixing luxurious Belgian chocolate and cream with the unique Irish whiskey – Anthony Wilson, principal scientist at Diageo, created a tempting drinking experience that allows you to enjoy the taste of chocolate and Baileys at the same time. This is the first time chocolate was fused with alcohol and the result is truly delicate.

The philosophy behind developing Baileys Chocolat Luxe was to create an ambient molten chocolate experience – something that you could pour and drink at room temperature that would have the multi-sensory experience of eating chocolate.

– Anthony Wilson on “Baileys Chocolat Luxe”

For those of you who are not aware of Baileys yet: the cream liqueur is a unique blend of smooth Irish cream with quality spirits and whiskey and has won more medals in its field than any of its competitors in the San Francisco world spirits awards. World wide Baileys is the biggest seller of liqueurs with 82 million bottles sold each year.

More information on the new “Baileys Chocolat Luxe”:

·  Baileys Chocolat Luxe has an ABV of 15.7%

·  Baileys Chocolat Luxe is available in 50cl bottles only

·  Baileys Chocolat Luxe will be available at Harvey Nichols before general release in October, with an RRP of £16.99 for 50cl

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