Cent Issue 07 – Print – Reach Out and Touch – The Paul Priestman Issue

By Jo Phillips


.Cent Issue 07 – Print

The Cent “Reach Out and Touch” Issue guest edited by Paul Priestman.

Paul Priestman, the guest editor of Cent’s “Reach Out and Touch” issue is an internationally renowned product designer of Priestman Goode fame.

Both Cent and Paul share an undeniable need, a driving force to be able to create things that reach out and touch those for whom they are intended. Hence the title ‘reach out and touch’, which perfectly sums up Paul and his philosophy and also blends as a beautiful tone with Cent. Trying to create something that reaches out and touches readers, the issue includes contributions from Seamus Heaney, Marcus Vergette, Ben O’Briend and Natalie Rykiel.


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